Kreioz Legal Solutions

Kreioz Legal Solutions

We are a Multi-Specialty law firm established in 1999 having its Head Office at Bangalore and its associate offices in 11 cities across India and four countries globally.

We are of the belief that in the context of the present world order the legal profession plays a valuable and constructive role which has brought about a change in the traditional role of the lawyer.

Kreioz Legal Solutions provides simplified solutions to all legal issues through its team of experienced and dynamic lawyers, offering sound advice and practical solutions.

We Have Great Results

There is a big difference between a satisfied client and a loyal client, We never settle for ‘satisfied’

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Our Practices


Arbitration thrives as swift, impartial dispute resolution with legal equivalence.


Our business law practice offers expert guidance for diverse corporate needs.

Criminal Law

Our criminal law practice provides skilled defense and justice advocacy services.


Cyber law practice safeguards digital rights, navigating complex online legal issues.


Our divorce practice offers compassionate support through challenging marital processes.

Real Estate

Real estate law practice ensures smooth transactions and property legalities.


Tax law practice optimizes financial strategies while ensuring legal compliance and savings.


Labour law practice champions workers’ rights and fair employment regulations diligently.


Startup law practice empowers emerging businesses with legal guidance and compliance.


Consumer law practice safeguards consumers’ rights and advocates for fair transactions.


Insurance law practice navigates complex policies, claims, and regulatory compliance effectively.


Bankruptcy provides financial relief through debt discharge or structured repayment plans.


Personal law encompasses legal matters related to an individual’s personal life.

Compliance & Investment

Compliance and investment strategies align to optimize financial growth and stability.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property safeguards creative works, inventions, and innovations through legal protection.