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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property  practice in India is a very specialized form of practice and is essential for all types of Business entities including individuals and corporates to protect and own their intellectual property. 

Trademarks, Patents, Designs, Copyrights etc. which if not protected would cost great harm to its reputation and incur huge finance losses for the companies including its customers and also any infringement would cause damage to the name and reputation of the company and its products.

The intellectual property lawyers provide consultation and assistance in filing of Trade mark Copyright, Design and Patents giving such reports and registration of the same. In addition to which the team provides services for the protection of Intellectual Property of its clients by filing cases for infringements by third parties.

Key Areas
Filing of Trade marks Intellectual Property Arbitration
Filing of patents Intellectual Property Documentation
Filing of copy rights Assignment Agreements
Search reports Sale Agreements
Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights License Agreements
Damages Modification Agreements
Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Up gradation Agreements
Intellectual Property Disputes and Resolution Litigation