Kreioz Legal Solutions


The Litigation Lawyers team at Kreioz consists of a core team of expert Indian civil Lawyers and Solicitors who are specialize in Indian civil law system and procedures in India and are well equipped with vast knowledge to handle cases right from the lowest court to the Supreme Court of India and are well versed in the Indian civil procedure code and all allied laws of both the Centre and the State.

The Litigation and Dispute resolution team at Kreioz assists and advises clients and various entities, both corporate and non-corporate, in prosecuting and defending all kinds of litigation and other remedies available to clients under civil law.

Key Areas
Civil Suits Writ Petitions
Injunctions Indian Civil law Consultancy
Money Suits Representation in District Courts
Civil Defamation Representation in High Courts
Civil Law Documentation Representation in Supreme Court
Family Law Disputes Representation in Tribunals
Inheritance Law Disputes Representation in quasi-judicial forums
Intellectual Law Property Disputes Representation In consumer courts
Notices Representation in NCLT
Stay Orders Commercial Courts